. rags

Some facts about us 🙂

+ We are Dyllis and Dexter and we belong to two human slaves 😀

+ We are both purebred Ragamuffin cats, born and raised in sunny Singapore.

+ We were raised in the same cattery, but were born to different parents.

+ We will reach full maturity when we reach 4 years old, so we have a super long and enjoyable kittenhood ahead of us! Meow!

+ We are indoor cats but we love our supervised Saturday walks by the beach ^_^ Our humans never let us out of their sight.

+ We are harnessed and leashed the entire time if we are outdoors. This is for our safety.

+ We need lots of water despite having a low thirst drive. Water prevents kidney and UTI issues amongst catkind.

+ We need regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. Our humans bathe and groom us once a week even though we hate it.

+ We are fed an organic, grain-free diet, with raw elements. This diet does wonders for our skin and coats!

Enquiries to dyllis.dexter[at]gmail.com


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